In this article, we will highlight the use of push notifications, which we believe is a great way to retain your site’s customers.

With a good strategy and a mastered execution, it will allow you to reduce the churn rate and increase your retention rate.

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Give your customers a warm welcome

Loyalty starts from the moment a customer is acquired. As soon as a user has signed up for pushes on your site, make sure you give them a warm welcome. You can do this by:

  • Send a same-day notification or Welcome message
  • Send a notification every day for 3 days to present the benefits of your site

These steps will keep future customers interested in your site/brand.

Give them a reason to come back

Incentives are the key to success if you’re looking to build customer loyalty. One of the best ways to do this is to implement a loyalty program. For example, using push notifications in a loyalty program might look like this:

  • Welcome new members = 1 Push
  • Notify members when they are about to reach a new loyalty status = 1 Push
  • Notify members when they have reached a new loyalty level = 1 Push
  • Keep customers informed of loyalty points earned = 1 Push
  • Track and update customers on points used = 1 Push
  • Notify customers of impending point or reward expiration to re-engage some customers who may change their minds = 1 Push.

By encouraging your customers to continue to engage with your brand, even if only occasionally until you reach a growth phase, it can help you improve your retention rates.

Set up a “Safety Net”

Customer churn is a fact of business – it’s inevitable.

However, you can dramatically reduce your churn rate by establishing a “safety net” via notifications to re-engage customers when they lose touch with your brand.

Here are some examples below:

  • Low risk of churn :

” We missed you! Check out our latest [feature, product, offer, etc.] “

  • Medium churn risk :

” We missed you! Here is… [an incentive to return – X% off coupon or similar]. “

  • High churn risk:

” We missed you! Here’s… [a strong incentive to return – a free coupon or similar]. “

  • Reengage inactive customers with interest-based notifications:

” We think you’d like [this offer, product, artist, etc.] “

Just because a user hasn’t engaged with your site/brand or product for an extended period of time doesn’t mean you can’t retain them!

Relaunch a customer using information from an order already placed or aborted

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that once a customer has placed an order, there’s nothing more to do with push notifications. That’s not always true – here are some push notifications related to orders already placed or aborted, to keep your brand top of mind:  
  • Remind your customers to reorder for products and subscription purchases = 1 Push
  • Inform your customers of abandoned carts or incomplete transactions = 1 Push
  • Inform your customers of incomplete pre-purchase registration = 1 Push
  • Send apologies for out-of-stock items, service delays or malfunctions, usually with an offer wink = 1 Push
  • Remind customers of newly stocked items = 1 Push

Recall current offers

Customers don’t think about your brand all day, and it’s good to give them a little nudge with push notifications.  smile

Here are some examples of push reminders that can keep your customers engaged:

  • Reminders :

” Don’t forget, today is the last day to register for [course, training, webinar, etc.] “

  • Support information :

” Your support ticket has been created. We will be in touch with you very soon! “

Now you know everything!  The push notification strategies described in this article are a great way to communicate with your customers when it matters most, keep them engaged and loyal to your site/brand or product while trying to reduce churn.

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Antoine Henrion

Antoine Henrion


Antoine is the Co-Founder of OutPush, a platform that helps website publishers monetize through web push notifications. Before OutPush, Antoine launched a cheap travel platform, Hope Flights, with more than 50,000 members in France. Passionate about travel and new technologies, he is always listening to his customers and is always available. Prior to launching his company, Antoine was the head of Operations for the French startup Chauffeur-Privé, recently acquired by the Daimler-Mercedes group which has now been renamed Free Now (via Kapten).