A unique advertising format unlocking extra income on the top of your display ads!

The only ad format that allows you to earn money even when users are not on your site.

No set up fee


Targeted advertising


No commitment


Optimized revenues


Revenue sharing


How does it work for you and

your users in 3 easy steps?

You deploy our tech and collect users

Publishers deploy our tag and a script in less than 15 minutes. From that moment, website visitors will be able to signup to push notifications in one click only. Up to 15% of visitors sign up to receive push notifications vs. <1% for email. Build a valuable and engaged user base.

You send your campaigns

Send push campaigns with your latest news articles and get more clicks to your website. Build a valuable audience with time and get a chance to land your content on Google Discover.

You monetize with our push ads

We send push ads notifications to your users by carefully selecting appropriate advertisers among our network. Get paid for every click your user base generates.

Monetise your site using push notification ads

Create your Outpush publisher account and increase your website earnings right away.