Frequently Asked Questions

Our Service

Is Outpush free?

Yes, we don’t charge any sign-up fee or fixed amount. We work on a revenue-sharing model. That means we charge up to 50% of your ad revenue, depending on the size of your traffic.

How can I try Outpush?

You can try our service by signing up in 1 easy step. After that, one of our team member will contact you to explain the next steps.

How can I install Outpush?

Once you have completed your Publisher account registration, our team will send you an implementation guide detailing the 2 steps to deploy Outpush. In short, you will have to deploy a tag on your website pages and a script in the root directory of your site. Our team can assist with deployment.

Do I own the push notifications subscribers?

Yes, our system collects subscribers on your behalf but your are the owner on this user base, always.

Can I get a demo of your service?

Of course, please create your Publisher account and a member of our team will contact you to setup a demo video call.


How does Outpush generate income?

As a publisher, you generate income once your users receive and click on ads we send to them. It’s a bit like ads banners put in a push notification format. We operate on a CPC (cost-per-click) model.

How can I estimate my potential income?

If you want to talk with our team, please signup to Outpush and we will schedule a video call with you. Revenues highly depend on traffic locations, devices and volume.

How can I get paid?

We offer a wide variety of payout options including Bank Transfer, Payoneer and PayPal.

How frequently do you pay?

Publisher payments are sent out every month at end of the term + 45 days. This means that your first payment will occur in a maximum of 75 days following implementation. All the following ones will occur each month.

How does it compare to display ads?

Publisher income depends on a wide variety of parameters such as traffic size, location and devices. Most of our publisher generate between 25% up to 50% of what they currently make with display ads. 


Is Outpush compatible with display ads?

Yes, we don’t compete with display ads as our advertising is sent once users have left your site. Thefore, you can use our service as a new extra advertising source.

What type of ads do you send?

We only work with top-notch advertising providers to ensure quality, relevance and security. Our ads come from big established brands looking to promote their services to online users. Ads contain a tittle,  a description, a picture and a link to the advertiser.

Can I see an example of push ads?

Yes of course, please find an example below:

How many ads do you send daily?

Depending on your location, Outpush sends between 2 and 6 times advertising to your users, per day ,to ensure high deliverability and steady income to publishers.

How can users unsubscribe from ads?

At any time, users can opt-out from advertising by changing their preferences in browser settings, both on mobile and desktop.